Mens jewelry designs heading to diamonds and different types golds and metal

In the tight space of mens jewelry, old fashion plain bands are being replaced with bespoke black diamonds and fancy shape diamond rings which incorporate different golds to match patterns and styles.

There has been a shift in men's wedding band designs with men looking for something different.

ic:mens black diamond ring


We are seeing men have more of an opinion into what they are looking for , whether it be something to match their partners rings, watch collection or something different like mixing and matching different metals or colors with gold.

There is a shift moving away from the traditional plain band of the past to using different shaped diamonds in one off designs, for men this will probably be the only ring purchase they make. Men of today are looking to get involved in the design process, they are using diamonds and gold or other metals like titanium or black zircon to create a bespoke piece they are proud to wear. 

ie: Mens platinum diamond ring